Thrifting - A sustainable way to shop

Since I stopped buying new clothes, I have found so many beautiful and affordable treasures in opshops all over Sydney, and my wardrobe now consists of mostly second-hand clothes. I always have something to wear, and I´ve learned to value my clothes so much more. It definitely a more creative and intimate way of shopping, as there is just one of each item and you have to search to find it.

Thrifting is a sustainable, eco friendly, cheap, creative and mindful way to shop. If you shop at places like Vinnies or Redcross you are also supporting people in need as they are organisations helping feed and house the most vulnerable in our society.

I always advise people to have a look in their local opshops when they desire a new item, as the chances are you will find something similar second hand. Trends go around and round, and you can find a lot of really good quality clothing and high-end brands for less than a quarter of the retail price, a lot of it has never even been worn, and still has the tag on!

The key is to always know what you´re looking for and not get carried away, as it is easy to find a lot of cheap clothing that you think you need and want.

Opshop tips

· Wear tight clothes and slip on shoes

· Create a Wishlist

· Stay focused and open minded

· Look carefully

· Check tags for size and fabric

· Check for stains, holes, wear and loose threads

· Don´t buy stuff you don´t need

What to look for

· Colours that matches your wardrobe

· Silhouettes/fits that suits you

· Fabrics that you like

· High quality

Where to thrift

· Local opshops/thriftstores

· Markets

· Online

· Apps

· Marketplace

· Swap parties

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