Earth Overshoot Day - We have sucked the planet dry

Earth overshoot day marks the point of the year when human demand for natural resources exceeds what the planet can regenerate in a year.

To find this date the Global Footprint Network evaluate factors that could have impact on the global biocapacity such as carbon emission, demand in food and forest harvest.They then calculate the number of days earths biocapacity can provide for human’s ecological footprint, and it presents a massive gap as this year’s date landed on 22ndof august.

The overshoot day comes only three weeks later than last year, as our global ecological footprint has reduced by 9,3% which is a direct consequence of the pandemic-induced worldwide lockdown. The forest production footprint has gone down by 8,4%, and the carbon footprint by 14,5%, the food footprint remains unchanged. Covid-19 greed has increased both food waste, world hunger and malnutrition.

A global pandemic has disrupted our lives, and although the date made a historic shift this year, we would still need 1,6 earths to meet the needs of the world’s population. It is far from the changes required to achieve ecological balance and well-being. The way we are currently living is disastrous and way over the planets ecological budget.

The fact that there is barely any media cover on this is shocking as there should be alarm bells going of worldwide. We are all part of the problem and it is crucial that we take action to limit our ecological footprint and rebalance human society. Hold your goverment accountable and help spread awareness by using #MoveTheDate. The world overshoot day website has a lot of good tips for how you can help move the date, it is linked below.


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